Quality Guaranteed

Barcelona Fine Chemicals S.R.L. provides and ensures that the quality of a product meets its specifications.

All the compounds have been subjected to a quality control to confirm their chemical structures and have a purity higher than 96%. There are many good reasons to opt for Barcelona Fine Chemicals S.R.L.

Upon request, we will provide the corresponding analytical details. Please, contact-us.


All products advertised are in stock, prepared for delivery. The customer will always be promptly informed of the true stock at the time of quotation.

In the case that we do not have availability, check the delivery time.

Bulk Quantities

We can synthesize any catalog product on a scale from mg to kg for a reasonable price. A discount on the price will be considered for bulk orders.

Obtaining a quotation from Barcelona Fine Chemicals S.R.L. is quick and easy. Please e-mail and include the following information in your request: CAS number, chemical name or structure and the quantity required. You will be contacted in 48 hours following your request.